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  1. Think of your favorite story
  2. Pick an illustration style
  3. Send us your story and a photo for our illustrators*
  4. We show you a rough draft of your comic (usually within 2 weeks)
  5. We  incorporate your feedback and finish the comic
  6. You get a digital copy and a copy framed in 11x14 matte board

*Illustrations will not be photo realistic, photos are used to make the comics looks similar to you and your children. 


Illustration Styles

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Style 1

Brad Perri
United States

Creator and illustrator of "Pirate Mike" - the Pirate who lives in the suburbs!

I enjoy meeting people who love comics.  Peanut Gallery Comics lets me interact with readers in a whole new way that I really appreciate. I currently live in St Paul with my wife, our daughter and two dogs, though I continue to cheer for the Chicago White Sox. 

I've drawn comics off and on all my life.  Ever since I was a kid and saw a TV special with Cathy Guisewite drawing Cathy.  When those lines appeared on her paper and Cathy's hair and face took shape, well, it's still one of the best feelings of enjoyment I've ever had.



I used to be a game designer and project coordinator.  Now I'm an illustrator with marketing experience and an award winning writer.  

A cheery person that draws and designs.  Enjoy my illustrations as much as I love drawing them!




Just an average tall guy who loves comics, graphic design and videogames. I come from Greece where the weather is nice and pizza is tasty.

I would be more than happy to make a funny-strange-goofy comic for you.


Style 4


I'm an illustrator that loves creating characters and children's illustrations. I will do my best to make your ideas come to life!


Phil Juliano
United States

Creator of the comic strip ‘Best In Show’ - a tale of a man who had the unique luxury of going back in time to collect his prize Star Wars toy collection, only to stay and give childhood another shot.

I am also a freelance cartoonist and humorous illustrator, creating visually stimulating images for individuals and companies all over the globe.

I love my job.


Style 6


I've been a digital artist for more than 4 years, and now I'm happy to draw a comic for you.

I enjoy making illustrations, funny and emotional characters. Would love to work on any story or memory!